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Catalogo The Absolute Stradivari The Messie - Violin 1716|2016

State: Disponibile
Price: € 90.00 iva inc.
Autore: A cura di Fausto Cacciatori e Gregg Alf
Publisher: Fondazione "A. Stradivari" Museo del Violino
Distributor: Fondazione "A. Stradivari" Museo del Violino
Binding: Brossura
Publication: 2016
Circulation: -
Weight: 1500 g


- Publication centered on the latest investigations on Stradivaris most famous violin
- pages 195
- Contains texts from various Authors
- Contains high quality pictures
- measurements: 31 x 25 x 1,5 cm
- weight: 1,5 kg